About Metropoli

Building a Sustainable Future

Metropoli was born in 1987 with the objective of working in cities and territories to globally contribute to the acceleration of their economic development, competitiveness, life quality, and sustainability. Our projects integrate two essential components “urban intelligence” and “digital technology”.

Metropoli has collaborated with many different cities in the world applying its philosophy of “Intelligent Territories”. The application of its philosophy enables cities and territories to generate a special magnetism and develop initiatives and projects of big impact. Our work is developed through 3 primary synergistic instruments in relation to developing cities and territories:

01 RESEARCH: Knowledge Creation and Sharing

02 DESIGN LAB: New Ideas, New Projects

03 INCUBATION: From Ideas to Reality

Metropoli has received numerous international recognitions, from the United Nations, the European Union, the European Council of Spatial Planners, Institutes of Architects and Business Associations; from which is worth highlighting, the European Urban & Regional Planning Awards in three occasions, and the Global Smart Cities Award in 2015.


Founder & CEO of Metropoli


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