Architecture + Design

Innovation Cubes

Various Locations

The Innovation Cubes are small buildings designed to accommodate innovative activities, as well as a wide variety of uses. As contributors to the advanced economy, their purpose ranges from lodging small businesses, acting as incubators, to carrying out innovative activities, such as research labs and R&D institutes. They can also be adapted to leisure and entertainment functions such as restaurants, small exhibition spaces, or tourist information centers, among many other possibilities.

When interacting with each other in the common public space, they activate the surroundings, being an element deeply entwined with their natural environment thanks to their bioclimatic design. The facades are the special features of the cubes. The bio-climatic parts of the blinds enable the buildings to provide views to the outside during the day while avoiding glare and direct solar radiation inside the buildings. At night, their double facades are lit up with images projected towards the outside to form an integral part of the public realm.