Architecture + Design

La Casita

Jacarilla, Spain

The palm tree and the “casita” are a kindergarten and a place to meet for the people of Jacarilla.

The floating roof behaves as a palm tree, which protects from solar radiation and allows for cross ventilation. It adapts to the building depending on orientation, protecting from the sun towards the south and opening to allow daylight in at the north side. The petals are also designed to collect rainwater which is then stored. They become a symbolic element that dialogues between nature, sustainability and program.

A semi-covered central patio articulates the project and creates the main gathering space while allowing for sunlight to be filtered through to the inside of the Casitas. Visual connections are generated between classrooms and towards the central meeting point.

Kids and adults use the space, therefore scale is considered as a parameter in the architecture that creates special moments and play areas. The building generates a play of light, , scale, visual connections, interstitial spaces and materials in a space where kids will develop their creativity.