Architecture + Design

Terrada Space

Tokyo, Japan

The project explores the relationship between water edge and city urbanity. As one of the key projects of a larger master plan vision, there is a challenge to integrate the water edge into the city. The project plays with actual extension of the edge combined with floating parts. The aim is to create a public realm by the water, a new destination for the people of Tokyo.

The main programmatic elements would be a flexible structure to hold events for Terrada, the main iconic feature of the project and secondary activities like a cafes and kiosk that complement the livelihood of the public space. Few boats are planned to be stationary becoming another progammatic complementation to the project.

Wood structures combine with moments of green, moments of resin, trying to transmit the wasi-sabi spirit of the place. The main icon becomes a floating flower that hugs events like any other location in Tokyo.