Urban Landscapes

Bahía Digital

Cartagena, Colombia

The Bahía Digital Project proposes to generate an innovation node of exceptional quality and magnetism out of the transformation of the central areas of the Bay of Cartagena. This project aims to create the conditions to attract sophisticated activities related to the new economy alongside with a mix of uses, all in a very advanced digital environment.

The progressive future development of a large logistic-industrial port, made up of various facilities specialized in different types of cargo, with possibilities of growth in the southern zone of the bay, will be a great opportunity to free from heavy uses the areas of the Isle of Manga, the Naval Base, and especially, the industrial areas El Bosque. These spaces will be able to evolve into attractive places where the city meets the sea. Bahía Digital seeks to boost the sectors of the digital economy in Cartagena, increasing the attractiveness of the city for citizens and tourists, and projecting an image of a city of the future in tune with the beauty of its past.