Urban Landscapes

Barranquilla Airport City

Barranquilla, Colombia

The Airport of Barranquilla would be the main point of international connection of the Caribe & Santanderes Diamond, and has the vocation of being the great logistical airport of Ciudad Caribe. The Ernesto Cortisoz Airport is at the crossroads of important transport axis of Colombia; those being the Caribbean, the Magdalena River and the major roads that connect with Barranquilla and the rest of the Caribbean region and Colombia. Its location near the river offers the possibility of developing a transportation link from the city’s riverfront to the airport, whereas its connection with the Coastal Train will allow a rapid connection to Cartagena. The bus rapid transit system already present in the city is also proposed to be extended to the airport.

These possibilities of connection will make the Barranquilla Airport Intermodal Hub a strategic point of external communication, articulating the regional space and creating an urban centrality for the whole Metropolitan Area. A center of multimodal transport is a great attraction for travelers as well as for companies. The opportunities for interaction and interconnection associated with the Intermodal Hub are very important advantages for local economic development, reinforcing Barranquilla’s attractiveness as a location of business headquarters linked to international markets. Complementary services such as hotels, convention centers, commercial and leisure facilities, business centers and offices, etc. are elements that can be used not only by air transport users but also by local people and companies. This strategy strengthens the diversification and internationalization of the economies related to the airport and contributes to the economic prosperity of the city as a whole.