Urban Landscapes

Casablanca Eco-Boulevard One

Casablanca, Morocco

This strategy of urban change consists of transforming existing urban highways into large boulevards which would change the character of the movements through the city and reinstate centrality to these traffic corridors and their adjacent quarters.

Eco-Boulevard One is the first such proposal of urban transformation. It consists of removing a substantial amount of the main through-traffic of Casablanca onto a new motorway bypassing the densely built up area much further out while converting the existing highway into a convivial urban space. It would improve the conditions of those who currently live and work along this main road, create a better environment for the boulevard itself, create easy connections between the built up areas on either side of this main artery and provide opportunities for urban regeneration, infill and change of use into more urban and sustainable activities. The motorway which is bypassing the metropolitan area is also providing a more efficient long range connection between Casablanca and Rabat while the eco-boulevard would improve the quality of life of the inner city considerably and offer spaces for new, more rewarding, innovative and high value added activities along this new ecological connection.