Urban Landscapes

Santander Life

Bucaramanga, Colombia

Santander Life (Places of Innovation and Business Development, in its Spanish acronym) is a key project for the future development of the department of Santander, the Caribbean & Santanderes Diamond and for Colombia. The project lays out an urban structure for interaction and innovation in the Metropolitan Area of Bucaramanga, a space already characterized by its environmental excellence, support infrastructure and intensity of institutions and actors in the field of Knowledge Economy.

The proposals integrated into the Santander Life project are based on the specific strengths of the Bucaramanga Metropolitan Area and the territorial attractiveness of its southern areas, which create opportunities for the development of high-quality spaces specifically designed to hosting people and activities related to the Knowledge Economy. Santander Life capitalizes on the existing healthcare cluster, composed of prestigious universities, hospitals and businesses, and understands the importance of the contribution of a quality and healthy urban and natural environment to Bucaramanga’s bet in the field of Knowledge Economy.