Urban Landscapes

Sarriguren Ecocity

Pamplona, Spain

The Sarriguren Ecocity is a pioneer design in Spain, committed to bioclimatic architecture and urban design. The Ecocity aims to reduce the levels of energy consumption by influencing energy demand and by using more efficient technical appliances. This includes the use of renewable energy sources, efficient management of the water cycle, sustainable transportation, and the latest infrastructure design based on clean technologies. The individual parts which constitute the Ecocity of Sarriguren have been designed according to pioneer bioclimatic performance specifications in Spain.

The main strategy that drives the urban design of the Sarriguren Ecocity is to create a harmonious relationship between nature, work places, services and housing areas. The innovation park of Navarra, located at the north-west edge of the Ecocity specializes in alternative energy development and environmentally-friendly technologies.

The green-blue networks constitute an essential part of the Ecocity design of Sarriguren. The intimate juxtaposition of built and natural elements gives the Ecocity its unique ecological character. An interplay between architectural elements, landscape and public spaces weaves through the Ecocity while the historic village is preserved as the highest point of the townscape which extends gradually into the surrounding countryside.