Urban Landscapes

The Digital Ecoboulevard

Alcobendas, Spain

The Digital Ecoboulevard Salvador Allende is an ongoing initiative for transforming a major urban barrier into a space for leisure activities and economic and social development.  The project takes place in a very central position between two different areas of Alcobendas City: the mainly residential Central District and the new economic and financial areas. The project takes the in-between character of this area as an opportunity to create synergies with both sides. Currently, a wide road creates a profound disconnection; an urban void crossed with traffic and with scarce urban life and no shadow nor vegetation. The Ecoboulevard transforms this area into a gathering space for the citizens, full of leisure activities, attractions, social facilities, economic and commercial uses, advanced services, art and culture.

This goal is achieved with a strategy based on a new sustainable mobility and eco-technological solutions, as well as on the Mediterranean tradition of water, vegetation and shadow. Ecobulevar Digital will be the beginning of a series of renovation processes that will recover and enhance the nearby spaces; a connection point between urban areas, people, uses and activities. It will be a place for neighbors and families, for entrepreneurs and creators, for the elder and visitants. In short, the Ecoboulvard will be a space for social cohesion and environmental excellence, full of life, equipped and qualified to successfully face the challenges of the globalized world of the 21th Century.