Cities Art

For Peace and Life

For Peace and Life exhibition by Jesus Soler is an example, with its own personality, of the best expressionism of today. The beginning of the 21st century is a period of dizzying changes and unexpected jolts that shake the balance between civilizations and cultures in a globalized world.

Jesus Soler with a torn visual language expresses the generalized disillusionment provoked by the recent fratricidal conflicts represented in all of his works.

The exhibition within Fundacion Metropoli showed the acceleration of social change, the depth of historical convulsions and individual and collective perplexity in the face of the impact of the events that we know in real time due to the advance of telecommunications, the Internet and the development of the media.

Jesus Soler critically merges plastic art and poetic creation. His brush strokes let us see a freer and more hopeful future. A future in which peace is possible.