Cities Art


Carles Valverde is an artist who though his vital trajectory and the conceptualization of his work, responds perfectly to the philosophy of Fundacion Metropoli: the interaction of art with its surroundings, the city and all that cities encompass.

The employed techniques, even in two dimensions, allows us to appreciate the crafts of an sculptor that uses historical and present techniques and makes us think about the place of the artist within an urban, social and industrial environment.

The lead and iron sculptures in the work of Carles are materials that achieve their goal of accessing another reality. We can describe his work, but not interpret it. It creates new experiences between form and its content; space and its possible interpretations.

In themselves, the geometric interpretations of the modular materials create for us a collection of sensations. The lead sculptures situated in both interior and exterior spaces possess a serene balance, where we perceive the relationship of the parts of the sculpture and the force that acts among them. It is not only the physical space of the work that we perceive, but also the interaction that is produced in the space where the work is exhibited. Carles Valverde prefers asking these questions than finding solutions.