Bintan Eco Island. Indonesia

The book “Landscape Intelligence” presents the eco island development model projected for Bintan Indonesia. This development based strategy combines various aspects of “second nature” or productive & recreational landscapes together with contextual and economically viable “urban components” which are then integrated into existing complex ecosystem found on Bintan Island. By combining eco island densities and building typologies, sustainable mobility and diversity of tourism based activities along with emerging economic clusters; this methodology establishes a strategy for landscape intelligence which underscores the competitive advantages for Indonesian economic development.



Edited: Singapore, 2011
Length: 256 pages
Text in English
ISBN: 978-84-615-4141-6



Introduction. Bintan Eco Island
Territorial context
Approaching a Complex Ecosystem in Bintan
Towards an Intelligent Eco Island
Bintan Eco Island Vision
Annex. UPEN School of Design


Institutional Partners

Gallant Venture Ltd, University of Pensilvania School of Design and Fundación Metrópoli