Diamante Caribe & Santanderes. Concepto, Diagnóstico Estratégico y Claves del Futuro. 1

First volume of the “Diamante Caribe & Santanderes” project, titled “Concept, Strategic Diagnosis and Keys for the future”. The publication outlines the guidelines that will inspire the further development of the strategy to improve the territorial competitiveness of the Diamond of Colombia, taking into account its territorial assets and urban system, to the global position of this territory, along with its economic and social characteristics.



World Award for the Best Innovative Idea at the 2015 Barcelona Smart City Expo



Published: Bogotá, Colombia, 2014

Length: 312 pages

Text in Spanish

ISBN: 978-958-58583-1-2



  1. The Intelligence of the Territory
  2. The Diamond. A country project
  3. The Diamond. The door of Colombia
  4. The Caribbean Coast
  5. The Magdalena River
  6. The green and blue diamond
  7. System of cities of the Diamond
  8. Connectivity and infrastructures
  9. The Digital Diamond
  10. Towards a collective future project


Institutional Partners:

Ministry of Finance and Public Credit of Colombia, FINDETER (Colombian Financial Institution for Development), Colombian National Planning Department, Microsoft and Fundacion Metropoli