Diamante Caribe & Santanderes. Las Ciudades de los Departamentos del Diamante. 2

The second volume of the “Diamante Caribe & Santanderes” project, titled “The Cities of the Colombian Departments within the Diamond”. This publication gathers the territorial diagnosis of each of the cities as well as the territorial connectors of the Diamond of Colombia, including technical diagnoses, the results of the city forums and key strategic guidelines for each territory.



World Award for the Best Innovative Idea at the 2015 Barcelona Smart City Expo



Published: Bogotá, Colombia, 2014
Length: 3284 pages
Text in Spanish
ISBN: 978-958-58583-2-9



The Cities of the Colombian Departments
Territorial Connections


Institutional Partners

Ministry of Finance and Public Credit of Colombia, FINDETER (Colombian Financial Institution for Development), Colombian National Planning Department, Microsoft and Fundación Metrópoli