Ecoaldea Daroca. Ibi, Alicante

This book illustrates the project “Ecoaldea de Daroca”. Within the province of Alicante, this initiative opens a range of new opportunities to the province rural areas to emerge as new singular spaces, highly valued and protagonists of a new stage in the development of Ibi, the Province of Alicante.



Published: Madrid, Spain, 2009
Length: 148 pages
Text in Spanish
ISBN: 978-84-613-3648-7



The innovative approach of an Ecovillage
Territorial context of the Daroca Ecovillage
Daroca’s Ecovillage Landscape
Daroca’s Ecovillage Architecture
Daroca’s Ecovillage Sustainability keys


Institutional Partners

La Cañada Business Group and Fundacion Metropoli