Fundación Metrópoli. Landscape Intelligence

The book “Landscape Intelligence” presents the activities of Fundación Metrópoli, together with the result of its main research doings and development projects to the present times. Another publication of Fundación Metrópoli for the design and creation of a sustainable future. The book in divided into three parts which describe FM concepts and present keys projects elaborated during 15 years of existence.



Published: Madrid, Spain, 2010

Length: 366 pages

Text in English

ISBN: 978-84-614-4406-9



About Fundación Metrópoli

Part II. Concepts

  • Territorios Inteligentes
  • Urban Ecosystems of Innovation
  • The European Diagonal
  • Mediterraneo Tec

Part III. Projects

  • Regional spatial strategies
  • Eco-developments
  • Urban innovation clusters
  • Experimental architecture


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Fundación Metrópoli