Guanajuato Innovación & Territorio

The publication “Guanajuato. Innovation & Territory” gathers the Territorial R & D process carried out in collaboration with the Government of Guanajuato. This project considers environmental, urban and economic realities in order to discover the vocation of this specific territory. The strategic actions of different scales proposed for this project are based and aligned with the “Intelligent Territories” philosophy and will convert the State of Guanajuato into a more social, solitary, innovative and competitive territory.



Edited: Mexico, 2012
Length: 304 pages
Text in Spanish with English abstracts
ISBN: 978-84-615-9888-5



Focal Points
The Diamond of México
Towards a Territorial Model of Guanajuato
Components of the Territorial Model
Territorial R+D


Institutional Partners

Government of Guanajuato, IPLANEG, COVEG, CONAVI and Fundación Metrópoli