Provincia de Alicante. Programa Innovación + Territorio

This book exhibits the configuration of the strategy to turn Alicante into an ecosystem of innovation, including the greater integration between urban and countryside development strategies. Urban ecosystems of innovation can thus develop within nested scales, ranging from regions behaving as ecosystems of innovation in their own right, cities operating as ecosystems of innovation as a whole, or urban areas which become innovation hubs and form clusters with their own innovation places as a contribution to the evolution of ecosystems of innovation. The spatial strategy of Alicante is an expression of such complex and creative interaction.



Published: Madrid, Spain, 2009
Length: 348 pages
Text in Spanish with English abstracts
ISBN: 978-84-612-9571-5



Ecosystems of innovation
GeoSpatial Context of Alicante Province
Guiding Concepts for Alicante Province
Connectivity and Intermodality
The Innovation Corridor of Alicante Province
The Corridors of Change
The Nodes of Innovation
Landscapes and Rural Areas
The Functional Areas


Institutional Partners

Government of Alicante, SUMA, Caja Mediterraneo and Fundacion Metropoli