Territorios Inteligentes

The Chinese Edition of Territorios Inteligentes has been a task that has taken several years and has gone through a series of challenges. This book gathers the philosophy of the Fundación Metrópoli about the positive transformation of the territories. From the birth of modern urbanism, to the concept of Intelligent Territories, the publication covers the ‘best-practice’ examples of a contemporary urban planning, thus, providing a solid base for the concluding elaboration on how the city of future should rely on innovative planning approaches.



Published: Madrid, Spain, 2018
Length: 319 pages
Text in Chinese
ISBN: 978-7-112-20287-4



The origins of modern urbanism
The beautiful city
Urban Utopias of the 20th Century
The Functional City
The response of new cities
Town planning and participation
The rebirth of the center of the cities
Strategic city plans
The city region
The Sustainable City
The digital city
Intelligent Territories