Metropoli team visits East OCT in Shenzhen China

Alfonso Vegara visits East OCT in Shenzhen China with FM´s Senior International Advisor Alex Camprubi and Annie Jiang to discuss possibilities of development of OCT and it´s integration to YanTian District. The meeting was hosted by the Chairman Li Yan Zhong (李彦忠) and Deputy General Managers: Chen Bin and Wang Dan Sheng who shared the challenges and achievements that East OCT has faced in recent years. Metropoli team visited the site and the surrounding areas of YanTian District which has an impressive natural setting a few kilometers to the east of Shenzhen.

East OCT was opened in 2007 as a tourism facility that included several hotels, a golf course, three theme parks and a Buddhist Temple within an area of 9 Km2. OCT Group holds net assets above 18.000 Million Euros and is a key tourism promoter in Continental China, operating 11 Theme Parks and with 3 Theme Parks under construction.