Juan Luis De Las Rivas

PhD in Architecture by the University of Navarra. Juan Luis De Las Rivas is an Urbanism and Territorial Planning Professor at the University of Valladolid, in which he has directed the University Insitute of Urbanism and the Urbanism Department.  He has been visiting professor at different Universities, such as the Polytechnic of Milan, the University of Texas at Austin, the Universidad Iberoamericana at Puebla, or the Central University of Venezuela, and has actively participated with urbanism publications and conferences, highlighting  books such as El Espacio como lugar (The Space as Place), the Spanish edition of McHarg’s Design with Nature, or the Atlas de Conjuntos Históricos de Castilla y León (Atlas of Historical Complexes of Castilla y Leon).

Dr. De Las Rivas is an active Member of the IAC (International Advisory Council) of Fundación Metrópoli, and regularly collaborates on urban and territorial projects at this Institution. He has directed 12 doctoral Theses and collaborates with diverse scientfic committees and expert groups, such as the one that evaluated, in 2010, Dubai’s good practices for UN-Habitat. He develops an intense research and professional activity in the field of Urbanism, and in 2002 his work on Territorial Guidelines for Valladolid received the ECTP European Planning Award, an award in which he received a special mention on 2013.