Architecture + Design

Torre Juana

Alicante, Spain

“A pathway through history”

Torre Juana presence is defined by a BIC protected historic tower that refers to 17th Century when 21 Towers defined the territory of La huerta of Alicante. Its high cultural value is highlighted by the fact that Fondillón wine was cultivated in the site.

The project interprets the wine landscape to define organic paths that reminiscent the agricultural past of the site. The idea of pathway articulates the design. The landscape is shaped with a combination of soft and hard surfaces that create possibilities of direct and secondary mobility. These different landscape textures create the transition between the old buildings and the new ones, connecting tradition to innovation. New light buildings emerge in an angle from the landscape looking at the stone verticality of the existing volumes. Torre Juana Plus aspires to be a place to exchange and create knowledge, a tech park that sets in cultural roots to be a referential destination to experiment, research and create innovation.