Fundación Metrópoli is an ‘intellectual capital institution’ which aspires to contribute to the innovation and development of cities and regions from a global perspective. It aims to achieve its goal through knowledge creation and sharing, the key to innovation in its view. Thus the Fundación Metrópoli is proactive in creating strategic partnerships by harnessing its extensive network of institutional, strategic and knowledge partners which comprise an increasing number of cities, universities and other research institutions.


Mayor’s Institute & Mayor’s Summit

Fundación Metrópoli considers it essential to cooperate with mayors in developing spatial strategies. Convinced that both mayors and urbanists would benefit from a dialogue, Fundación Metrópoli set up a Mayors’ Institute, a platform for exchange of political leadership and urban policy. This would enable all interested parties to gain a better understanding of each other’s’ vision of the city. Its brief is to provide mayors with opportunities to interact with professionals and other organisations of city stakeholders.

The Mayors’ Summits provide an effective forum for dialogue between politicians and professionals of the built environment.



FM Advanced Research Fellowship was created to bring talented young professionals to the Fundación Metrópoli in Madrid for the purposes of knowledge creation and sharing. The Fundación Metrópoli, at its headquarters at the Ecobox in Madrid, provides an international platform for young professionals to learn and research different eco-urban and innovative design methodologies in a multidisciplinary professional environment.

Candidates in the program will engage in learning, sharing and researching the methods necessary to influence the creative transformation of the territory and of future cities in innovative and sustainable ways.

Candidates will be exposed to:
– New projects and global sites for researching
– Professional & practical experience
– International networking
– Investigation | Innovation | Incubation Methodology
– International recognition
– Visiting lecture series:
– Learning from Cities
– Learning from Practice
– Learning from Universities

The FM Advanced Research Fellowship is open to international applicants who hold a Masters degree (its equivalent) or higher in fields related to City and Regional Planning and Design. Applicants should have completed their advanced degree in the following areas of study; City and Regional Planning, Urban Design, Architecture, Urban Planning & Landscape Architecture.