Urban Landscapes

Elcano 2.0

Quart de Poblet, Spain

Elcano 2.0 is a public initiative that will be developed with innovation, sustainability and social commitment criteria. The singular approach given to the project is to act as a magnet to attract new activities and to generate new employment opportunities that will contribute to the economic development of Quart de Poblet and Manises.

Elcano 2.0 is a fusion space with integrated activities related to living, working, leisure and training. The traditional industrial architecture is in dialogue with the new buildings. The large industrial warehouses are reused and refurbished through an architectural recycling exercise. A new flexible design is proposed with a mix of uses inside each building and in the site urban context.

Elcano 2.0 proposes an open-air urban life concept, following the tradition of the Mediterranean towns and introducing eco-technological elements with a strong focus on innovation, sustainability and the attraction of new urban activities. The urban sustainable mobility system stands for the integration of the site in the immediate context as well as at a metropolitan scale.