Urban Landscapes

Ibusuki Ecovillage

Ibusuki, Japan

Ibusuki Ecovillage explores the intersection between landscape & culture; between live & play as a sustainable development that is based on the existing environmental and cultural qualities of Ibusuki. The project works with the existing road as a west edge and the waterfront edge for pedestrian circulation along Kagoshima Bay. A new system of green & blue internal connectors is interpreted as canals and landscape routes. An ecoboat system connects the port to the sports facilities.

Different residence typologies adapt to contextual characters, the marina starts with the concept of village changing to canal and sea villas by the hotel and sport villas by the sport park. Marina & village create the main intensity of activity. The integration of landscape & villa creates a unique experience of mobility, live and play through the project.

Ibusuky Ecovillage becomes a reference project where sustainable ideas are introduced in a dialogue with the existing site qualities and new forms of landscape, mobility and architecture.