Cities Art


Landscapes exhibition by Fermín Ramírez de Arellano gathers the sensibility about our nowadays landscape, such as their evolution through history. The composing elements of these landscapes are more than simple and isolated pieces, and create a whole vision which determinates in the end the entourage where we live and our activities take place.

The spectator is a fundamental part of the work, interpreting and borrowing these landscapes. This is why these pieces go beyond figurativism and use techniques more suggesting based on textures and materials.

“Perhaps this exhibition (together for the first time), demonstrates closely those two fields of my attention throughout the years. The artworks belong to different moments, but cohabitate immediately, joined as a clarifying summery of my past trajectory and present. For all of this, as I were a child again, I invite you enter into my imaginary castle and visit the artworks with me which can only be complete with your viewing”.