Building the European Diagonal

The “European Diagonal” is the concept of a mega-region in the most dynamic part of Europe with Lisbon, Madrid, Barcelona, Marseille and Milan as its key cities.
This book explores strategic development options of mayor metropolises in the Diagonal within this evolving territorial context.



Published: Madrid, Spain, 2008
Length: 364 pages
Text in English and Spanish
ISBN: 978-84-612-3275-8



Building the European Diagonal
Proyecto CITIES Reaserch
Clusters of Excellence
Urban Initiatives in the Diagonal
Diagonal in Progress


Institutional Partners

University of Pennsylvania, Regional Plan Association, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, Parque Expo, Madrid Global, Generalitat de Catalunya, Institut de la Méditerranée, Politecnico di Milano, Valencia City Hall, Ville de Casablanca, OECD and Fundación Metrópoli