Diamante Caribe & Santanderes. Libro Blanco

Third volume of the Diamante Caribe & Santanderes project. The publication recaps the territorial vision for the improvement of competitiveness on 11 Departments of Colombia, as well as the Strategic Projects proposed for the transformation of their main cities, metropolitan areas and rural territories within the field of study.



World Award for the Best Innovative Idea at the 2015 Barcelona Smart City Expo

2017 Isocarp Award for Excellence. International Society of City and Regional Planners



Published: Bogotá, Colombia, 2016
Length: 420 pages
Text in Spanish
ISBN: 978-958-58583-0-5



The Diamond, a country project
Territorial model of the Diamond
Structuring axes of the Diamond
City & Territory projects
Ecodevelopment strategies
Ecosystems of innovation
From vision to action


Institutional Partners

Ministry of Finance and Public Credit of Colombia, FINDETER (Colombian Financial Institution for Development), Colombian National Planning Department, Microsoft and Fundación Metrópoli