Elcano 2.0 Motor for the Urban Regeneration

This publication brings a proposal to reactivate an emblematic site of Valencia metropolitan area. This area, also known as “Elcano factory” or “Izar factory”, is a very important industrial enclave, nowadays inactive, which is located in the urban fabric of Quart de Poblet and Manises, at the West part of Valencia city. The orientation given to this project will make easier for “Elcano 2.0” to play the Urban Innovation Motor role in the near future, remembering the important function that developed the Elcano factory in the XX century as the driving force of the economy and the employment in this region.



Published: Madrid, Spain, 2012
Length: 224 pages
Text in Spanish and English



Strategic orientation and urban concept
Building components and uses
Master Plan facilities
Urban space
Key Master Plan elements


Institutional Partners

SEPI (Sociedad Estatal de Participaciones Industriales), SEPIDE (SEPI Desarrollo Empresarial), Foster + Partners and Fundación Metrópoli