Málaga. Ecosistema de Innovación

This book illustrates how the notion of an “Ecosystems of Innovation” applies to a city with a “Strategic Urban Project”, an indispensable instrument to face global competitiveness. The strategic urban project for Malaga consists of a network of spatial and functional strategies throughout the city region which built on the existing characteristics and strengths of the city.  Together these strategies are conceived to operate in synergy with each other, by using connections which reinforce each other’s specific objectives.



Published: Madrid, Spain, 2009
Length: 364 pages
Text in Spanish with English abstracts
ISBN: 978-84-613-0251-2



Understanding Urban Ecosystems of Innovation
Strategic Orientation
The Ecosystem of Innovation of Malaga
International Experiences


Institutional Partners

Málaga City Hall, Club Málaga Valley, Málaga European City Of Culture, BBVA and Fundación Metrópoli