Judith Reyser

Educated as an architect and urbanist with an MSc in social sciences, Judith Ryser is dedicating her cosmopolitan professional life to a sustainable built environment. She focuses her research, writing, teaching and mentoring on cities in the knowledge society, in London (UCL, Architectural Association, Urban Design Group, GLC, Builder Group, own consultancy), Paris (Candilis Josic Woods, French Ministries in the field of cities and the built environment, Christian Arnaud urbaniste), Berlin (work with Jean Prouvé), Geneva (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, responsible for urban and regional research), Goteborg and Stockholm (K-Konsult and Swedish Council for Building Research), Madrid (Fundacion Metropoli) and elsewhere. She is a long standing member of the Chartered Institute of Journalists and ISOCARP (international Society of City and Regional Planners), including as Vice President, General Rapporteur of the 50th anniversary congress 2015.

Her work as editor, writer, reviewer and contributor includes many institutions and publications. For Fundacion Metropoli: ‘Landscape Intelligence’ with Alfonso Vegara, 2013, In: ECTP 100 years of planning; ‘Fundacion Metropoli – Landscape Intelligence, visions and projects of the Fundacion Metropoli’, 2010; ‘Building the European Diagonal’, 2008. For ISOCARP: ‘International Manual of Planning Practice’, with Teresa Franchini (eds), 2015; “ISOCARP, 50 Years of Knowledge Creation and Sharing”; ‘Proceedings of 51st Congress of ISOCARP’, CD and eBook 2016. For CORP (Conference on Urban Planning and Regional Development in the Information Society): ‘Expanding Cities – Diminishing Space, will cities remain liveable, accessible, human-oriented places: for whom and how?’ 2018; ‘Panta Rhei? What about when movements come to a halt? railway stations as engines of property-led regeneration in London’ 2017. For the Urban Design Group (editorial board and topic editor, next: participatory planning and development in NorthWestern Europe 2019). Also: chapter on ‘Livable cities, UK & London’ In: Roger W Caves & Fritz Wagner (eds), Livable Cities from a Global Perspective, Routledge 2018.

Email: judith@urbanthinker.com